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Attention Catheter Users

We’re Your One Source for All Your Catheter Needs! We promise… No one will work harder than us to make sure you receive your monthly supplies with the dignity and the respect you deserve!

Getting your supplies is as easy as:

  1. Calling Us: 800-433-7622
  2. Contacting Us
  3. Downloading your prescription form.

If you are receiving your catheter supplies late or worse yet the order always seems to be wrong…we can help!

We know that you have enough to worry about without wondering if your supplies will be on time. That’s why we have developed an on-line “Shipping Notification” service just to ease those worries. Joining our Catheter Family automatically qualifies you for an “e-mail shipping notice” informing you that “your supplies will be shipped in 5 days”! We will call you each month to verify your supply needs. If a change is necessary at any time, we need to know. This will prevent waste and receiving needless supplies and will help save our Medicare resources; yet our call will assure you that your supplies will be on time...everytime! There will be no advertisements; no sales pitch; just the shipping information you need. Yes; one less thing for you to worry about! It’s apart of our 5 Star service.

… It’s not just words…it’s the way we do business!

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External Catheter for Men
Foley Catheter & Supplies
Why Use Us?

Intermittent Catheters

  • Used by men and / or women who are only going to need a catheter for a short period of time.
  • Different sizes & lengths available (including pediatric).
  • Correct use can reduce the threat of UTI’s.
  • Whether your doctor prescribes the “clean technique” or “sterile kits”, Medicare allows you up to 200/month. SHIPPED FREE!

Call Now: 1-800-858-0968

External Catheters

  • Commonly referred to as a condom catheter, this one fits like a condom.
  • With correct sizing by your physician, many men report this as more comfortable.
  • Available in Latex Free.
  • With a prescription, Medicare may allow up to 30/month with supplies.

Home Care Together can help you determine the supplies that you will need.

Call Now: 1-800-858-0968

Indwelling Catheters

  • Usually used after surgery, spinal trauma and/or other nerve related kidney issues, obstructions and output monitoring.
  • We will call your doctor for details, handle all the paperwork, with no up front costs.
  • Home Care Together will provide all your supplies on time, every time… delivered right to your door at little or no cost to you. FREE SHIPPING!

Call Now: 1-800-858-0968

Why You Should Use Home Care Together!

  1. We are Professionals! We understand the need and the products.
  2. We Care! It’s not just a business, it’s the WAY we do business! Our life-long motto has always been: “Treat others the way we would want to be treated.”

You will find, not only a professional, but also a caring person to talk with when you call us.

Our Promise: No one will work harder than us to help you receive your discreetly delivered supplies, on time, every time… with the dignity and respect you deserve!

Call Now: 1-800-858-0968

Free Shipping on orders $50 or more.

"My supplies always arrive on time, thanks for the great service!"
- Anita, Rockford Il.

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